Embedding Windows 8.X key to BIOS

Discussion in 'Windows 8' started by apollon13, Oct 12, 2014.

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    After a thorough search, I didn't find anyway possible to embed a key inside BIOS just like the OEM manufacturers do. The case scenario is quite simple:
    Using NoOS(Ubuntu/Dos) laptops that also get marketed with pre-installed Windows 8.X. Purchase bulk OEM, and prepare the laptop to work with exactly the same setup (e.g. UEFI BIOS embedded Windows key) as if it was purchased pre-installed.

    Sounds like a long shot, though I rarely do, I thought I should ask :p


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    Windows 8 doesn't use SLIC. To embed your key into bios you need to be a vendor.
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    That was a lot of homework! My summary would be something along the lines of " If there was a chance to achieve anything at all, that would mean that you would have to use RW-Everything in a very shady way, identify the correct address that the key would have been located on the bios backup(since you are not replacing it but you are putting it there for the first time), import the key, restore the bios to the machine, and then reboot the system and pray you haven't turned it to a brick!". But this is a wild guess since this all discussion was about using it in a virtual environment.

    So, I guess they use a "magical way" of importing the key into the bios, something that we mortals cannot replicate in anyway :p. I can go with that since there is no possible way for me to argue (or else I would ask the question in the first place).

    So would you say that the answer is either "no" or "insanely unproductive"? Thanks for the feedback to what seems to have become a philosophical discussion..
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    Windows 8 preinstalled licenses, AKA OA2.2 and OA3.0
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