Enable post-RP theme in Windows 8 RTM (white windows, colorized taskbar)

Discussion in 'Windows 8' started by AlphaBetaRC, Aug 10, 2012.

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    Aug 6, 2012
    How to enable post-RP theme in Windows 8 RTM:

    1) Open Registry Editor (regedit.exe)
    2) Go to HKCU\Software\Windows\DWM
    3) Create a new DWORD named EnableWindowColorization (if doesn't exists) and set its value to 0.
    4) Open Task Manager in advanced mode.
    5) End "Desktop Window Manager" task. Take no attention on the warning, select "Abandon unsaved data and shut down" and click Shut Down. (I am sure that it doesn't shut down your computer)
    6) Enjoy

    Your desktop will look like the shot from the B8 blog post.