Enabling encryption in the free edition of OneNote

Discussion in 'Microsoft Office' started by CamT, Oct 5, 2014.

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    Aug 24, 2012
    Hello guys!

    I'm using the free Onenote for taking notes, managing my little projects, collecting my research and for many things. Recently I became a little worried about how secure my data is at Microsoft, since many years ago Microsoft found some files violating the terms of use in my skydrive account and they deleted all my files and blocked that account. There were some important documents there, and I tried to contact the skydrive team for months to get back my data, but they can only be contacted via a contact form and I always received the same predefined answer and eventually gave up. Later on I found my files in an external drive luckily, but since that issue I prefer to keep my data encrypted. Although I keep no data in my OneNote, I still would like to encrypt my OneNote notes. When I click on the encryption in OneNote, I receive this error message: "This feature isn't available in this edition of OneNote."

    Is there a hack or crack to enable encryption in the free edition of OneNote? I could buy office or download and crack the office, but I would prefer the free OneNote to be cracked If possible.
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    What files were you keeping on skydrive that they deleted it? Porn?