ESET Customer Service SUCKS!!!!

Discussion in 'Application Software' started by Ancestor, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. Ancestor

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    Feb 27, 2011
    If you haven't bought any of their products, then DONT! Even though the product itself is top notch! Their support is pathetic.

    Here is my story, I bought a 2 year license for 2 users of Eset Smart Security.

    Next day, I notice that I can no longer access my network from other computers although I have chosen the Automatic mode with sharing enabled.

    So I fill out the support form online, choose United Arab Emirates as my country.

    I get a sad reply telling me to contact the local dealer for NOD32 in the UAE on a land line number....

    Well, this is very poor service, I expected a quick reply ONLINE like other companies to my simple query, I just got thrown at another department which would be useful, since I am at work during the working hours of this local dealer! :mad::rolleyes:

    So I decide to fill out the form again but this time choosing the USA as my country of residence and putting a valid US zip code where I own a house (Georgia), guess what? They told me that I need to contact the local dealer in the United Arab Emirates again!

    Well excuse me??! I did not buy the license from any local dealer! I bought it from ESET online!!! Plus, why do I need to contact a local dealer when there are customer service agents?!?! This is just appalling service.

    I will ensure that everyone I know will not renew their licenses or buy products.

    I will post this on all the major forums like AnanTech Forums, Tech-PC Forums, MyNotebook Review Forums, etc. and will let the world what kind of crappy service and customer service ESET has.

    Thanks to Marcos (Moderator here), he helped me resolve my issue. He is the real support not those clue less over weighed and over paid employees sitting at ESET doing nothing!