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Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by DeathStalker77, Oct 27, 2014.

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    The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk12\DR12.

    If the HDD12 is representative of the Disk 12 in Disk Management, then this is an internal SATA drive (Sabertooth Z77 mobo). Is there any way to determine, without taking my whole system apart, which SATA port this is?

    If it is NOT representative of the value in Disk Management, then how can I tell which drive it is?

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    I can distinguish my various drives and partitions by size. The computer I'm using right now has three HDDs: two 160GB and one 500GB. But each drive has various partitions that differentiate them. One 160GB drive has a 50GB system partition and a 110GB user data partition. The other 160 has a 6GB pagefile partition and a couple of others. It's easy to tell them apart. And of course the 500GB is well, 500GB.

    As part of a partition descriptive name I see in Windows File Explorer, I tag all my partitions with D0, D1 or D2 and their partitions size in GB. All the D0 partitions are on the same physical drive ; all the D1s are on the same physical drive and etc.. My system partition is Named "System_SL_50-D0" for example. The user data partition is "User Data_SL_110-D0". They are on my D0 160GB physical drive.

    If all your drives are partitioned exactly alike, my method would not work for you.
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