Extract VMware Network Editor from Vmware Workstation installer.

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    This is only useful for people running VMware Player 7, want to run VMware Network Editor, but don't have or don't want to install VMware Workstation 11

    I use to copy vmnetcfg.exe (VMware Network Editor) extracted from VMware Workstation installer to VMware Player, but with version 11 of VMware Workstation things are a bit harder than before.

    This script is my attempt to made extraction a bit easier.

    This script only works for VMware 11, check %INSTALL_EXE%.

    Unlike VMware Player 6, VMware player 7 only need vmnetcfg.exe.

    Needless to say, run the script in the same folder where VMware installer is.

    Script is ugly, but does the job.

    @ECHO ON
    set INSTALL_EXE=VMware-workstation-full-11.0.0-2305329.exe
    mkdir setup-extracted &
    mkdir msi-extracted &
    ECHO %INSTALL_EXE% /e "%~d0%~p0setup-extracted" > unpack.cmd &
    ECHO msiexec /a setup-extracted\vmwareworkstation.msi /qb TARGETDIR="%~d0%~p0msi-extracted" >> unpack.cmd &
    ECHO copy "%~d0%~p0msi-extracted\VMware\VMware Workstation\vmnetcfg.exe" "%~d0%~p0vmnetcfg.exe" /Y >> unpack.cmd &
    ECHO RD /S /Q "%~d0%~p0setup-extracted" >> unpack.cmd &
    ECHO RD /S /Q "%~d0%~p0msi-extracted" >> unpack.cmd &
    ECHO del unpack.cmd >> unpack.cmd &
    unpack.cmd &