Fake Petya ransomware

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    another Fake Petya ransomware
    this pirate symbol it impressive :D
    so I made an ascii with changing random colors


    @echo off
    >nul chcp 437
    title Just a PrAnK LoL
    mode con cols=60 lines=30
    setLocal EnableExtensions EnableDelayedExpansion
    if     defined RAND set /a RAND_X=(%RANDOM%*9/32768)+1
    if not defined RAND set /a RAND=(%RANDOM%*9/32768)+1
    if !RAND_X! EQU !RAND! goto :SKULL
    if defined RAND_X set RAND=!RAND_X!
    cls & color !RAND!b
    echo                        uu$:$:$:$:$:$uu
    echo                     uu$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$uu
    echo                    u$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$u
    echo                    u$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$u
    echo                  u$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$u
    echo                  u$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$u
    echo                  u$$$$$$*   *$$$*   *$$$$$$u
    echo                  *$$$$*      u$u       $$$$*
    echo                   $$$u       u$u       u$$$
    echo                   $$$u      u$$$u      u$$$
    echo                    *$$$$uu$$$   $$$uu$$$$*
    echo                     *$$$$$$$*   *$$$$$$$*
    echo                       u$$$$$$$u$$$$$$$u
    echo                        u$*$*$*$*$*$*$u
    echo             uuu        $$u$ $ $ $ $u$$       uuu
    echo            u$$$$        $$u$u$u$u$u$$       u$$$$
    echo             $$$$$uu      *$$$$$$$$$*     uu$$$$$$
    echo            u$$$$$$$$$$$     *****    uuuu$$$$$$$$$
    echo            $$$$***$$$$$$$$$$uuu   uu$$$$$$$$$***$$$*
    echo            ***      **$$$$$$$$$$$uu **$***
    echo                     uuuu **$$$$$$$$$$uuu
    echo            u$$$uuu$$$$$$$$$uu **$$$$$$$$$$$uuu$$$
    echo            $$$$$$$$$$****           **$$$$$$$$$$$*
    echo              *$$$$$*       WARNING      **$$$$**
    echo                $$$*   Just a PrAnK LoL   $$$$*
    timeout 1 /NOBREAK>nul
    goto :SKULL
    And to make it More annoying
    Replace with this.
    timeout 1 /NOBREAK>nul
    start "" "cmd" /c "%~f0"
    goto :SKULL
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