Flash your BIOS from CD

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    If you don’t have a Floppy Disk Drive, you can flash bios from CD

    First you have to find a computer which has a Floppy Disk Drive and Nero Burning Rom software.
    Put a Microsoft-DOS formatted floppy into Floppy Disk Drive (Nero reads the operating system from there).
    Install (if necessary) and open Nero Burning Rom software.
    Burn the CD this way:
    1) Choose CD-ROM (Boot)
    2) Select "Bootable logigal drive (must fit on CD)" on Boot folder
    3) Select "Enable expert settings (for advanced users only)" Floppy emulation 1.44 MB
    4) Burn only necessary files (afudos.exe, original BIOS rom and OEM.rom only for example in Asus case) because the limit is 1,44 Mb
    5) Select "write" and "finalize disk" and burn the CD
    6) Set up your BIOS to boot from CD on YOUR computer
    7) Boot from CD and then use your BIOS Flash utility from CD (which is in fact an emulated floppy disk)