Folder View is Changing back to "Details"

Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by VirusTech, Aug 25, 2015.

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    Hey guys, this is a problem that annoys me and I have no idea how and why this began.

    First of, it started with desktop shortcuts. I did a refresh on my desktop and I saw my icons moving. I always had the "View > Align Icons in Grid" option but I didn't have the "Auto Arrange Icons". Now if I do any change in my desktop icons and I hit refresh they go back "Sorted by Name" which I never chose this option. If I change it to sort by "Date Modified" they change but when I restart my pc my desktop is back sorted by name.

    I remember in Win7 my icons were staying as they were dropping into desktop (although aligned in grid) there was no sort option anyways. They were sorted as they were created.. one by one going at the last spot etc and that's how I got used to it. In example, when I had a .rar file and I was extracting it, it would give me the files under the rar file. Now when I extract a .rar it will just sort it by name and will drop the content of the rar sorted in the desktop. When I upgraded to Win10 my desktop was fine until yesterday I did a refresh without messing any option, was just a refresh and they changed.

    I could deal with it but then I managed to see that my folder view options are changing too. If I go into a folder and I change the folder view to "List" or "Medium Icons" and I go back and forth into the folder again, the view isn't saved. It's back at "Details" itself. So all my PC is on "Details" view and I need some folders to have a different view. And they just keep resetting to "Details" view.

    Does anybody know why this is happening and what's the problem? I was Googling for 2 hours and nothing seemed to have a solution.