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    Jul 29, 2009
    I heard about this light-weight highly customizable music player called Foobar2000. I tried it out and I loved it.

    Currently I use Winamp because it supports the plug-in "Enhancer .17".

    I heard that you can use "Winamp DSP Bridge plug-in" so you use winamp DSP plug-ins in Foobar2000.

    I'm wondering if anybody knows how to get "Enhancer .17" (winamp plug-in) working on Foobar2000 by using the "Winamp DSP Bridge plug-in".

    If anybody knows how to work Foobar2000 with Winamp DSP Bridge plug-in...please do tell :D!
    I'm quite excited to make the switch if I can bring Enhancer .17 to Foobar2000 :D:cool: