Found my bios MOD, but the link is down :(

Discussion in 'BIOS Mods' started by mack87, Feb 20, 2012.

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    Feb 2, 2012
    I found my 2.1 slic but the website is down - it is the DV6915NR.*-WPH-or-*-ROM-files)/page1325

    Cant' seem to find a link to the download, any suggestions? It has 2.0, there's no way to use Win7 with the 2.0 slic?

    More info about the bios is located at

    -Manufacturer: HP
    -Motherboard Model: Pavilion dv6915nr (Notebooks with AMD Processors)
    -Bios revision: F.32
    -Bios Type: Phoenix BIOS
    -Bios Download Link:
    -I suggest to use PHLASH17 included in the modified bios and utilities folder, rename either 30CFF32A_SLIC.WPH or 30CFF32B_SLIC.WPH to BIOS.WPH - at command prompt in DOS, type: F.BAT <ENTER>
    -SLP: HP
    -COMPAQHP-HPQOEM-2.1.XRM-MS Certificate Included
    -Tool: Phoenix Mod Tool v1.27
    -Method: Dynamic - Default Settings
    -Modifier: imatrix
    -Please provide feedback

    HP_Pavilion-dv6915nr_F.32_HP_SLP21_Dynamic Packa...21_Dynamic.rar