From 'Developer Preview' to 'Beta': Changes you would like to see...

Discussion in 'Windows 8' started by secretromeo, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. secretromeo

    secretromeo MDL Senior Member

    Mar 30, 2011
    Here are a few changes I would like to see implemented in the 'Beta':

    * A working 'Windows Store'

    * Working 'Windows Help and Support'

    * An option to use Aero/Metro/Both Aero & Metro (I would love to use both of them, provided Microsoft refines the dual UI switching)

    * More Games

    * More new metro apps and improvements to the existing ones like Socialite(eg: adding Facebook chat)

    * I want Microsoft to seriously get rid of the 16-bit legacy icons that are still found in folders such as Windows, System 32 etc

    Guys, please be free to comment what you would like to see in "Windows 8" Beta...
  2. nosferati87

    nosferati87 MDL Junior Member

    Apr 6, 2011
    I hope most of the issues that were pointed out by early testers are adressed in the beta, since they won't change much after that, only bug fixing and polishing. For me the most important ones are:

    • Better experience when switching between Metro and desktop (make them feel to be one unified UI, not two distinct ones), maybe by overhauling the appearance of taskbar and Aero
    • Critical bugs fixed (i.e. explorer.exe crashing)
    • Solution for the suspending/closing of apps (apps you don't need still appear in the app switching list and may get closed even if you need them later, Metro games that run in the background keep playing sounds)
    • Ability to scroll with the scroll wheel in every app (currently only works in the start screen)
    • GREATLY simplified Metro app development (currently, you have to specify every single margin, every circle of a button manually in a style. This will lead to everyone using different alignments, font sizes, etc. There are some official styles, but these are spread over MSDN articles and you're supposed to copy/paste them to your project and clutter your source files. Instead, there should be built-in templates for controls and cleaned up Visual Studio project templates.)