Fsc xa 3530 bios mod help needed!

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    Dec 26, 2012
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    I have succesfully updated an amd raid option rom and succesfully flashed the bios but the raid doesn't see my disk drives or sata port, i.e. it's not working. I'm at lost now and I need some help. Things I have checked is the order of the inserted oprom and the vendor and device id (in Linux with lscpi). I used PBE to changed the oprom but the order of the oprom is modified. Then I used PBM to changed the oprom and the order isn't changed but I can insert only an old version of oprom. Both method didn't see my disk drives or my sata ports but the other functions seems to work and I'm able to boot from an usb stick (!). It seems to me the usb port uses the same driver? I cannot press "Esc-key" to activate the raid menu during the boot time either hence it looks like the newly inserted raid rom is deleted or ghost or simply not function but I can assure you it's there. I think both method works to integrate new option roms and the option roms are okay too (it's from the internet) but how to make the bios work with them? It seems very easy with the other mainboards and tutorial? Can the bios or the oprom check the version of the option rom and disable it? I can dissassemble the dsdt in PBE but I'm not very familiar with the instruction set. What other posibility can I try? What can be the reason?

    Mainboard: Fsc Xa 3530
    Bios: Phoenix
    Bios-Version: 2.08
    Amd Raid Oprom: v3.001540.45 (Year 2008)
    Chipset: Amd Sb700