gateway nv59c bad bios flash

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    Feb 10, 2012
    I have been working on a gateway nv59c notebook for about a month now. What originally happened was the user was updating the bios. (not sure what version or anything) Apparently, he was downloading and installing other files as well. About half way thru the machine shut down. Apparently bricked. After spending alot of time researching i found out that the actual manufacturer is Acer. The mobo is an intel LA-5892p. With an Intel HM-55 chipset. Acer model number of mobo is mb.wj02.001. At first the machine had nothing no lights or any activity at all. After extensive research i was able to get it to flash hdd light and charge light. Now though all it does is processor fan runs and charge and power light coming on. I have been trying to flash the bios as it seems it is in recovery mode but i cant seem to flash the correct bios. One thing i may be missing is i renamed the file all different things after reading your posts. The original instructions from gateway show that the file you need is new70x64.fd. On the laptop it shows a new90.
    And here is the official service manual instructions on how to recover the bios which i have yet to get to work.
    BIOS Recovery by Crisis Disk
    BIOS Recovery Boot Block:
    BIOS Recovery Boot Block is a special block of BIOS. It is used to boot up the system with minimum BIOS
    initialization. Users can enable this feature to restore the BIOS firmware to a successful one once the previous
    BIOS flashing process failed.
    BIOS Recovery Hotkey:
    The system provides a function hotkey: Fn+Esc, for enable BIOS Recovery process when system is powered
    on during BIOS POST. To use this function, it is strongly recommended to have the AC adapter and Battery
    present. If this function is enabled, the system will force the BIOS to enter a special BIOS block, called Boot
    Steps for BIOS Recovery from USB Storage:
    Before doing this, prepare the Crisis USB key. The Crisis USB key could be made by executing the Crisis Disk
    program in another system with Windows 7 OS.
    Follow the steps below:
    1. Format the USB storage disk using the Fast Format option.
    2. Save ROM file (file name: NEW70x64.fd) to the root directory of USB storage. Make sure that there is no
    other BIOS file saved in the same directory.
    3. Plug USB storage into USB port.
    4. Press Fn + ESC button then plug in AC power.
    The Power button flashes once.
    5. Press Power button to initiate system CRISIS mode.
    When CRISIS is complete, the system auto restarts with a workable BIOS.
    6. Update the latest version BIOS for this machine by regular BIOS.

    Seems pretty cut and dry and simple. I have done this literally 100 times. Can someone please help me to understand what i am doing wrong?
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    May 13, 2012
    Same Issue - Found Solution

    I had the same issue and the solution was simple and easy to over look. Hold down the fn+esc BEFORE plugging in the power adapter. With the keys still pressed, power on the laptop with the power button. This immediately started reading the USB drive, where it would not before. Also, be sure to rename your bios file to NEW70x64.fd.

    Hope this helps someone and saves them the hours it took to troubleshoot this bios issue.
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    Apr 7, 2015
    I know that this post is almost 3 years old, but can anyone confirm this works? I have tried this with no luck, power it up as described and the notebook will power down 30 seconds after the power button is depressed. The fan does spin up and a USB drive was formatted in FAT with just the NEW70x64.fd file installed on it. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Feb 27, 2011
    yes critical to create CRISDISK

    "Before doing this, prepare the Crisis USB key. The Crisis USB key could be made by executing the Crisis Disk
    program in another system with Windows 7 OS."

    also try same version bios. or older
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    Apr 7, 2015
    Dumb question, where would I find this?