Gateway RS780 (Bengal) BIOS

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    Hello all,
    I have kind of a unique question and I am not sure where to post it, being that this is not your usual BIOS request.

    I have a Gateway DX4200 with a RS780 Bengal (Foxconn) motherboard which I have BIOS modded to include an ACER SLIC 2.1 table and it works great. (Thanks mydigitallife)
    My problem is that the BIOS I downloaded from Gateway's site, then modded and flashed (7B3P081G - Release Date 5/5/2008) was apparently OLDER than the BIOS already in my system (7B3P091G - Release Date 8/6/2008). I did not make a backup of the BIOS already in my computer thinking it would (obviously) be older, or at least the same as the one Gateway had posted on their site. Won't ever make that mistake again. Now I am worried that I may be running a sub-optimal, obsolete BIOS on my system. I was wondering if anyone here had the newer, unmodded BIOS (7B3P091G - Release Date 8/6/2008) for my computer. I have checked around a few different sites and forums but no dice. Gateway and American Megatrends are no help, and Foxconn does not have a BIOS for this since it is an OEM board (and therefore slightly different from the boards they sell that this is based on).

    I found a thread over at tomshardware posted by someone with the exact problem and motherboard I have, but the links for the newer BIOS are a couple years old and are down.

    So again, sorry if I am posting this in the wrong place, and I know this is a longshot, but if someone could upload the newer (virgin) BIOS for my system I'd really appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance,
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    search for the filename of te "older" posts
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    Dec 9, 2009
    Guys thank you for your responses, all the other BIOSes I found on this site regardless of the description are either the older (7B3P081G dated 5/5/2008), which is what I already modded and flashed, or (7B3G1P04 dated 2/18/2008) which is for a slightly different model than mine.

    Brainsuck, The one you linked to is the same BIOS revision and SLIC table that I have, the difference is the updated CPU support you modded into it. I'll download it just in case I ever upgrade my CPU. I was just really hoping someone had the newer (7B3P091G - Release Date 8/6/2008) unmodded, virgin BIOS laying around on their hard drive that's all.

    Thanks again, and sorry for being a pain in the ass.