Geforce GTX Titan

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    Hi everyone

    I have been waiting (and saving money) for a long long time to buy for the first time in my life a high-end video card. (PLEASE don't say a gtx 680 or a 7970 is more than enough....etc. I don't want SLI or Crossfire, THANKS).

    Now the Geforce GTX Titan is out (expensive I know). Reading a lot of reviews on the net didn't help me so much to decide to order one. Different conclusions/opinions especially about performance/price wise.

    It has the same price as GTX 690 (which is faster than Titan), but it is a dual GPU card and I've heard there are a lot of problems with multi-GPU cards/systems in many games.

    Anyone can tell if I should wait a little more for the next generation NVidia/Amd video cards, which we'll not see before Q4 2013, or just jump on one of these Titan SINGLE GPU monsters?


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    The GTX Titan is a load of rubbish the price/performance ratio is terrible and as you already know there is nothing new about it. Wait for the next generation of products.
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    Look at this site, they provide a review of this card, I have GTX 660 TI, and they speack about that if I put 2 of them, It will replace the titan: 3dvision-blog dot com (sorry, the rule in this site say that I should have 20 point in order to allow me to post links !)
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    As I stated in the first post, I don't want SLI/Crossfire or Dual GPU cards due to problems with drivers/heat/place/Consumption/lags/crashes....etc . People have a lot of problems with these systems in many games. I Want a powerful SINGLE GPU card. But maybe GTX Titan is not the right choice as R29K stated earlier