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Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by win007, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. win007

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    Oct 3, 2010
    Hello to all !

    I have one disk with windows 7 64bit installation, and I use this single installation betwenn 2 pc, (with ejectable disk).
    Now I'm not able anymore to activate my copy, I have end online activation and phone activation.
    I have 2 genuine serial, but i think need 1 serial multi-license.

    Need your advice, don't know how do, and I don't want to use windows loader 1.9.2 'cause I have 2 genuine serial.
    There is an option to activate windows with 2 key for 2 hardware at same time ?
    thanks !!!!
  2. sam3971

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    Nov 14, 2008
    Sounds like to me that you are actually in hot water because of the once install of win7 for 2 different computers. The reason behind it is that it activates via Hardware ID and there is no way to activate win7 twice as the new activation will overwrite the old one lol. What I would do is either use a crack or stop using one install for 2 computers and get 2 installs of win7(One for each computer) and activate each accordingly. As for the multi-license you would not need to do that. I actually used a retail key on 2-3 different computers and they all activated just fine so that is a non issue. I would say that it is definately related to the Hardware ID aspect dude.
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  3. jabberwocky

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    Aug 28, 2009
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    with retail versions of windows when you install and enter a key you will still not be activated until you either go online to activate or activate by phone ,a retail key is for one machine only and when you activate a complex identification ID is generated and shared with microsoft ,this ID is based on 3 things ,the key ,the operating system version (ie: windows 7 pro) and your hardware ID ,based on hard drive serial ,memory ,motherboard etc. this ID will forever be linked to the key you used .microsoft will allow you to make a fixed number of hardware changes ,without affecting the activation status ,with retail (full) versions you may install on a new machine several times but you must remove the OS and key from any previous machine .hence only one machine at a time is allowed to use that key . if you install on 2 different machines at the same time ,after several visits to microsoft update .you will find your machine deactivated and will have to call microsoft (phone activation ) if you have 2 genuine keys then there should not have been any problem unless others have used the same keys on their PCs . upgrade versions may not be installed on new PCs and one activated are tied to that PC for life ,any reinstallation in any other PC will result in deactivation and you will have to explain to microsoft .
    I am curious though ,how come you have one installation disc but have 2 keys ,sound like you have obtained the keys and disc from different sources ,and probably those keys would have been used by someone else .
    if not and you know without any doubt that the keys are genuine then simply call microsoft they will talk you through the process .but be warned not to use the same keys on more than one PC at the same time .
  4. win007

    win007 MDL Novice

    Oct 3, 2010
    yes this 2 key are genuine at 100%

    I have installed the loader1.9.2 and for now is ok... i think there is not problem to switch my disk between my 2 pc with this loader...