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    Apr 4, 2014
    I have a situation(problem) here...

    I have a Idea laptop(lenovo) given to me by the company I work, it has windows XP installed and the OS is restricted in so many ways by them like cannot install software, copy files and etc., but I can copy files I want through a CD(they don't know it!) or send through email(small size) :p

    They have a website and have given me a email id and password that I use to do my work, I can open that website and login only if I connect to their VPN server and that server refuses to connect if I try it from the laptop or PC other than the Idea laptop that they've given to me!! they have Junos Pulse installed on the laptop because Juniper Networks are the one who have provided the VPN servers to them!!

    if I want my friends, co-workers help me in my work they can only do that on my office laptop! :/ they can't open the website, that the work has to be done, in their PCs! I got the Junos Pulse software somewhere! and installed it on other PCs but when I try to connect to their VPN server it refuses to connect and the reson for refusal is shown in the screenshot!

    Now I tried googling how to get the machine certificates from my IdeaLaptop(lenovo) and copy(install) to other PCs or laptops so that the VPN server gets fooled(tricked) thinking that its their Idealaptop connecting!!
    I know how to copy the certificates(mmc and certmgr.msc) and I did it, but I got some certificates(local machine, current user) from my office laptop and installed it on other PCs and laptops but still they refused the VPN connection, I think I don't know which is machine certificate and don't know where it is located in the OS :/ also maybe I don't know which certificates to extract(copy) from my office laptop to get things work :/

    is machine certificate installed from the company to their every laptops and PCs or the OS detects them through the hardware itself?

    Anyone please help me with this?! and help find where the machine certificate are and how they are installed on my laptop?