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Discussion in 'Introduction' started by Amstaff, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. Amstaff

    Amstaff MDL Novice

    Jul 3, 2015

    my name is Dennis, father of 2 and enjoy motorcycles.
    Recently I have bought a new module ac7260 for my asus, but it have to be white listed or something.

    I am looking for the answers on this forum, but you guys are way ahead regarding my knowledge, so I am reading a lot, and i really can not make anything from it.

    I hope I can get the help here that I need.
    So i can finally can use bluetooth etc on my asus laptop.

    I have read the rules, but the "technical" english words in all of the rules, can make that I will put a question somewhere, where it should not be posted.
    I appoligize for this, but know, i'm never to old to learn, even if your age is above the 40 years.

    The things I have read, are really nice. The rules, respect each other, no cursing, no nothing which could harm a member, are things which are most important to me.

    Hope to learn here, so i can pass the things I learn here to others.

  2. Michaela Joy

    Michaela Joy MDL Crazy Lady

    Jul 26, 2012
    @Amstaff: Firstly, Welcome to MDL.

    We are an international forum. With that said, there are members here who speak multiple languages, and will gladly help you. :)
    I speak Spanish and English, and sometimes, the technical words make me reach for a Spanish dictionary.

    So let's learn together. :)

    Enjoy your stay,

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