Have AMD raid option rom but where is AMD ahci option rom?

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    Dec 26, 2012
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    I want to update my laptop bios with a new amd raid option rom. I have tried many version to no avail. It gives me "Operating system not found" but I think the option rom is not loaded at all because I can't see any drives connected to the controller at all? Anyway, I ended up trying the other disk drive modes in my bios. This seems to work however I can't find an option rom for the device id 1002:4391? In the manual of my sb7xx controller the operating modes are listed like this: 1002:4390 (ide), 1002:4391 (ahci), 1002:4392 (raid without raid-5), 1002:4393 (raid with raid-5), 1002:4394 (mixed ahci+ide) and so on. However I can't find an option rom in the bios for ahci mode? How does it work?