HDAMA Boot Without Keyboard?

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    Nov 16, 2010
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    Well long story short, I brang my server over to here and never took a keyboard with me. At home, I was having problems with no picture showing up, until I plugged in all the RAM and hooked up a keyboard and reset the bios settings. Well, now the bios need to be reconfigured but I don't have keyboard to do it, and just a black picture shows up with no boot logo, when I boot up the motherboard.

    What happens is when I plug in the cord, I have to press the power button, and then it will start up, but again there is no picture (thinking because of no keyboard). The hard drive turns on, and is not accessed, it seems and both the heat sinks for the processors are cold. Although the north bridge, I think it is , is running hot.

    Is this because it detects I don't have a keyboard?

    It is a Rioworks HDAMA Dual Opteron Revision G Motherboard. Note: I also believe it is running some type of modified bios.

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