Headset not working - please help

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by Nath912, Dec 25, 2017.

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    Jul 22, 2017
    Hello there. I am sorry if this is not the right place/forum to ask this, but I'm desperate and don't know any other good communities. I am also not educated in the matter at all, so please excuse my terminology.

    I bought a simple headset with a mic, the jack is either singular (3,5) - as in, you can plug it into a phone and it works just like any headphones with a mic, tested both.

    However, my PC doesn't have such a slot - I have the green connection for headphones and the pink one for the mic - and the headset came with such a cable, to transform that "singular jack" working on a phone into the "green and pink".

    No matter what I do, it seems that, if connected to my PC, the "real" mic doesn't really work and instead, the "place of recording" is literally inside the headphones. In other words, when I speak into the mic, no effect, but when I speak into the headphone - yes, literally, speaking into a headphone - it actually works, although somewhat muffled (compared to when I tested on my phone). It's almost as if the mic is picking up sounds from a different place than it's supposed to be - which is, of course, the end of the mic, the mic itself.

    I am terribly sorry for the ridiculousness of this post again and for my inability to explain clearer.

    I have tried reinstalling drivers, toying with most options and whatever else. I have an asus motherboard (not sure if this matters) and realtek HD audio drivers. I have, of course, tried to plug it both in the front and in the back ports, no change whatsoever.

    I am on Windows 10 pro. Not sure if it matters, but i3 6100, GTX 750 ti and 8gb DDR4.

    Thanks everybody :(
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