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    Hello, everyone. I'm ServicePack2, posting from my hometown located along the southern shore of Lake Ontario in western New York.

    My purpose in coming to the forum was to find a new operating system I could install on a spare computer. I chose Windows Server 2003, courtesy of Sebus - "Server 2003 -> Trial to MSDN conversion using Delta." Following his instructions, I was actually able to end up with an iso file.

    I'm currently recovering from a brutal beating I took while trying to install Linux Mint 13 running under Windows as an application. The jackhammer left jab of error messages opened a deep gash over my left eye. My corner man, bless his heart, threw in the towel mid-way through the 3rd round.

    The gash is healing nicely. My left eye still has a tendency to glaze over and roll back in my head, particularly when proof-reading my own posts. Given time, I do expect to make a full recovery.

    I like rocks, girls, everything related to computers, and Spanish music, not necessarily in that order.

    Oh, I almost forgot to mention - I also like rewriting poetry. Two examples of my most recent work ...

    ~Trees Revisited~
    I think that I shall never see a tree as lovely as Shakira's knee.

    ~Mary's Lamb: The Truth Emerges~
    Mary had a lamb named Cuddles, with fleece as white as snow.
    Everywhere that Mary went, her lamb was sure to go.

    Cuddles lagged a bit behind as Mary passed a butcher shop.
    Now Mary walks to school alone, and Cuddles is a chop.
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