Hello, the name's Drassh and....

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    Jan 26, 2018
    Hello, the name's Drassh and Would like to say thank you for all this site has to offer and the effort put into it. I've been OS hunting since the first time I went outside of the windows environment with Linux Mint back in 2009. Ever since then, a small flame was born in the quest to fine the right OS. So naturally started with Linux, expanding to the different variations available through the years. Then came across Chrome OS, and I got to say, as a live boot it was awesome and started using it very often. But wait a minute, there's something limiting about this OS... ah! It's the programs I need to run. So with that I began to search for a Linux that closely resembles Chrome OS and happen to come across Elementary OS, a Mac OS style base and at this time, was lucky in getting my hands on a great and last models released of the Powerbook G4 in 2015. Anyway, to not bore you so much, and hope this helps to describe me, I will end by saying that this site was found when looking for the original loader for Win Sev by one of the forum users here Named Daz. I've been using years back and have always wanted to show my gratitude toward the user for such a life saver so many years ago.
    At your service where ever possible -Drassh​
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    Welcome to MDL
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