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    Hi everyone, i've been reading these forums for a pretty long time but obviously not really contributing. I apologize my lack of giving back to the community! Hopefully I will "earn my keep" here soon.

    As to me, I'm a long time Linux user, started using slackware in 96 and I still do to this day. As the family/friend computer guy I have to stay on top of Microsoft products too so i maintain my skillset there. My work focuses around Unified Communications, specifically the Cisco offering, but I've also been an asterisk user since 2002. I support Cisco route/switch deployments and design pretty frequently as well.

    In my home, I run most things on ESXi 6 and have very few bare metal servers at this point. My networking gear is a mixture of Cisco and Meraki although my access points are ubiquiti. I run the servers for a gaming community at www joinsg net where we host garry's mod and counter strike servers, although i dont really play on any of them. I'm prepping for my CCIE Collaboration lab right now but it's pretty difficult with a family and a job.

    I'm fairly saavy with powershell and bash and when my skills are lacking, im pretty good with googling. that's all, thanks!
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    :welcomeani: and enjoy the stay ;)
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