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    Alright so i'm in the process of moving my data of a DNS-323 NAS to a WHS 2011 server. Need some help with the RAID setup. I will be using the RAID option that are part of WHS as my mobo does not support RAID but uses SATA and I'm to cheap to buy a 4/6 port RAID card.

    I have 1x 2TB, 1x 1.5TB, and 1x 500GB HDD's that i need to setup in either a RAID 1 or RAID 5. I not to fimiliar with RAID and what to know if what i want to accomplish is possible. I would like the most storage but also redundancy which is why i'm leaning towards RAID 5 but don't quite understand the limitations so if some one can explain what RAID 5 means.

    The below options is what i'm considering or if someone has a better RAID 5 solution that would be great. The server will play an important roll for my network. It will be used for storage mostly of pictures, videos and backup's of computers. I plan to expand the server storage in the future to 3TB.

    Option 1:
    Use 500GB and 1.5TB as a RAID 0 for a 2TB array then create a mirrored RAID with the other 2TB. This seems the most cost effective method if its possible?

    Option 2:
    Combine all 3 to make a single 3TB array and then mirror it to a 3TB HDD (will purchase one)
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    Raid 5 is not going to be a workable choice because although you meet the 3 drive requirement it will limit the size to the smallest drive (500gb) so in the end you have 3 ea. 500gb drives to work with. Plus it is recommended that the drives be the same in every way..As far as backing up goes I would recommend a single drive enclosure for that with a drive equivalent in size to the size of your combined WHS .. To do RAID right and make it stable you really need enterprise class hard drives which makes it cost prohibitive if you are not willing to purchase even the raid card. I totally get that:)

    I would back up the server by connecting the external HD to one of your other computers and use the back up software of your choice.

    Post back with any questions,progress or solutions so others can benefit from your thread