Help editing an HP Insyde Bios to allow different wifi card

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    I'm having trouble editing the bios for my HP laptop so that I can install an Intel Centrino wireless card. I'm fairly (by which I mean very) new to this. First off, my bios details:

    -Motherboard Manufacturer and Model : HP 3672 (per CPU-Z)
    -Bios Revision : F.33
    -Bios Type : Insyde
    -Bios SLIC : 2.1
    -Bios Link : (my bios would be the 3672.fd inside the exe file)
    -Rw-everything report - ‚Äč
    -Current original card: PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8176&SUBSYS_1629103C&REV_01
    -Card to be added: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0091&SUBSYS_52018086&REV_34

    Steps I've taken:

    Opened the 3672.fd file with the Phoenix mod tool.
    Selected other as manufacturer.
    Did not select anything else on the main screen.
    Clicked Advanced and checked Allow User to Modify other Modules, as well as checked No SLIC.
    Left the Advanced menu, the box pops up telling me I'm OK to edit - I leave that open and in a hex editor search for the old card's string "EC 10 76 81" , and replace every occurrence of that with the new card's string - "86 80 91 00". After doing so (that string appears in 4 .rom files, out of the 600 or so that are dumped), I save the changes and click OK in the Phoenix mod tool.

    It recognizes those changed, and then recompresses/encrypts the new .FD file.

    I then take that new .fd file, which was automatically named 3672_SLIC.fd , and move it to the folder with the InsydeFlash tool. I rename it to 3672.fd, replacing the original 3672.fd, and run the flash tool. When I do, an error pops up about a signature or something (at work right now so I don't have it in front of me) and when I check the insydeflash.log it mentions an error like this: "Current BIOS version is bigger than the version setted in Ini."

    I've read about using a patched flash tool to make it work? Not sure how to patch it.

    I tried flashing it using Flas**t in DOS, but it says the bios isn't compatible or something along those lines.

    I can post the full insydeflash.log when I get home, but could anyone look over the steps I took and tell me if/what i'm doing wrong?

    I ended up making a request for a modded bios, but I really don't want to be that lazy, I'd rather learn how to do it myself.
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    Feb 14, 2012