Help! - I need your advice about installing Windows on my new build.

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    Hello All,

    I recently rebuilt my desktop PC. I installed a new motherboard, AMD processor, PSU, RAM and video card. I purchased a copy of Windows 10 Home retail copy. On my old machine I was part of the Windows Insider Program. I had it setup as a dual boot system. Upgraded main drive from Windows 8.1to Windows 10 Pro and installed Windows Insider Pro on the other.I joined the insider program when it was first offered (Oct if my memory serves me). So, I had a lot of input into the program. My "rating" was 80.

    On my new system I installed Windows 10 Home on a new SSD. I brought the Windows 10 Pro Insider HD disk over to the new machine. Everything was fine up to this point. I booted into the Windows Insider drive, but it was not activated. I called Microsoft to authorize the Insider Pro drive OS. I spent 45 minutes with the service rep, but she said I needed to buy a another copy of Windows 10 but it need to be the Pro version. "Ouch".

    How my question: If I buy an OEM version of Windows 8.1 and install it on my PC can I use the "free upgrade" to get to the Insider Program again? If so, does it matter which version I buy? Pro or Home? If I buy an OEM version can I use the upgrade for future Windows OS versions?

    Sorry that this was so long, but I thought a complete background was necessary to explain my problem.

    Thank you for reading and your advice.

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    If you want a licensed copy of Windows 10 Pro, you need to start with a licensed copy of Windows 7/8/8.1 Pro (or 7 Ultimate).

    If you're concerned with staying legit the only OEM license that allows personal use is Windows 8 (not 7 or 8.1).
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    or buy a retail key and by pass all that windows 7 and 8 round and round to save a lot of time