Help me to unbrick my Nvidia GT 630m VBIOS

Discussion in 'BIOS Mods' started by Iulian1989, Apr 18, 2014.

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    Aug 15, 2008
    Hello all. I recently postet in another thread, that after flashing a unblocked bios for my Acer V3-571G (i flashed bios 2.21 with advanced menu) i werent able anymore to use my computer at all. i went to a technician and he repaired my bios - BUT - my nvidia graphics adapter ( NVIDIA Geforce GT 630M GPU GF108 Revision A1 with 2 GB)is not able to work anymore. only code 43 the driver has stopped. after a while i were able to get the problem - my VBIOS looks broken! I tried already GPU-Z and nvflash at another computer here in krasnodar in a magazine for getting a clean VBIOS file to flash it to my card - nothing. all the time i got: bios reading is not allowed or smth like this. cool:( really. and what now?) nvflash also didnt help me: all the time: EEPROM VERSION NOT SUPPORTED. what i could do else? Unbenannt.PNG

    maybe somebody can send me a clean VBIOS file for my card? or some other advices to help me? i dont know what to do already!:(

    PS: my USB 3.0 is also broken, in hardware manager everything looks ok, but when i connnect a device - nothing happens.

    i will be very grateful for every advice from here to save my notebook, i need it for work and in russia there is no garantuee already after a year, in germany where i bought it its still 2 years, but that doesnt help me here - so sending it to acer service centre is not a solution for me now!

    thanks to everyone in advance