Help: Need original bios for Compaq Presario SR5350F - AMI 5.16

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    Jun 4, 2010
    Hoping someone here can help me. I need the orignal bios for my Compaq Presario SR5350F. It is an Ami bios 5.16. Does anyone know where I can download the bin file or if someone here has one of these machines, could you extract the bios for me? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    I tried using the IPILP-LC AMI 5.19 bios but I keep getting an error message about corrupted settings, I can get into the bios setup but changes don't appear to be saved. The computer does boot.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Aug 15, 2010
    I realize this is a little under a year late, but maybe it could be of use to someone. I just dumped this BIOS using AFUWIN, and have uploaded both the original v5.16 BIOS, and a working version of the v5.19 BIOS with ASUS SLIC 2.1 (for use with Windows 7).


    SLIC 2.1:

    They are both flashable with the tools from AMI's website, though I was warned that they have a different layout, so you'll need to flash the BootBlock and clear the CMOS when switching between them. If anyone has any issues, just let me know, and I'll do my best to assist.
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    Is 5.19 ybios you modded specific to the SR5350F only? , or from sp37369

    1: Some people have a problem with posting to old threads... but here's the thing... Old threads contain alot of useful info.
    2: I'm hoping you have notifications turned on when someone responds to a thread you've posted in.

    Situation: I have a Compaq SR5302FH (originally shipped with Celeron 430)
    It is using the (ASUS IPILP-LC) (Lancaster8) v1.04 motherboard -which appears to be used across several models.

    During my search for a better cpu found several models that were shipped with E4500 cpu-
    Note= ad copy/spec says max cpu is E4400.

    One example: SV7250KR.

    Based upon finding several models using the (Asus manufactured) IPILP-LC (Lancaster8) motherboard -purchased a E4500 cpu.


    5:16 bios identifies E4500 properly but is sending 1.672 volts to cpu :eek:
    (Which is causing it to run EXTREMELY HOT) 80 -83c full load :blowup:

    (According to Intel E4500 max voltage is 1.5v, cpu tcase max is 73c !!!. Due to the date of the 5.16 bios, release date of the E4500 being after that I'm assuming spec's got changed -EG: Pre-production cpu microcode /voltage values encoded into 5.16)

    So off to hunt for a later bios.. Searching via model number brings up NO hits at HP/Compaq (Shame on you HP) Searching via model ID of motherboard itself via Google takes me right to 5.19 bios -dated May-2008

    Read thru the notes-see mention "Updates CPU microcode" so I think, Yea... Download sp37369.exe

    Run the exe.... all looks good - then flasher aborts.:mad: (Error 9988) IIRC....

    Problem? Bios notes, and app says it only works in Vista.... (Great I'm running Win7):mad:

    Q: I noticed on the 5.19, SLIC 2.1 bios(s) linked to above you refer to them as 519.ROM, instead of SR5350F.ROM - Did, or is the 5.19 you modded specific to the SR5350F only OR did you obtain 5.19 thru sp37369.exe noted above?

    (My hope sp37369.exe is a generic bios for ALL IPILP-LC) (Lancaster8) motherboards )

    Q: I can't run sp37369.exe in Win7 - Is there a way to EXTRACT the contents of the exe? (Even if I was runing Vista-I'd prefer a DOS based flasher!)

    Q: On the 5.19 bios- Where you able to extract- edit- Or did you have to flash (in Vista) then extract bios- edit...

    Q: On the 519.ROM (v5.19 BIOS with ASUS SLIC 2.1 (for use with Windows 7) was that using the SSV3/MMTool method?

    Q: If the untouched 5.16 (or 5.19) is run over a bios modded via SSV3/MMTool -will that effect 2.1 status?

    Q: What kind of voltages are you running? Within spec?
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    Feb 4, 2009
    Can someone repost active links for the modded slic 2.1 bios for SR5350F bios 5.19 sp37369.exe
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    use to extract from sp###.exe

    original backup 5.16

    tested ssv3 5.16 HPQOEM

    ssv3 5.19 (pretty sure it works)

    from dos with afudos is best bet.

    afuwin might work fine too
    Edit: Tested with ami flash windows supporting amibios8 ver 4.48 (thanks to wimsbios site)
    flash with bootblock, main bios image and in Cmos section Load bios rom Optimal defaults checked.