[HELP] Run CrossWalk as a service on ANDROID

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  1. haroldas.velioniskis

    Aug 16, 2015
    So here is the thing. I've build a website where you can play music files. I want to make an app for Android. I use CrossWalk since normal Android webview doesn't work. I use the following source code haroldas.tk/cross.zip
    If I compile it with Android Studio it works perfectly e.g music plays and everything is fine. But if I lock my phone and/or press the home button the music lags and eventually stops playing at all. If I convert the app to system app it works fine. So I think it's because of android memory and cpu management, when not active program freezes. So I'd like to make it work as a service until the user himself kills the app so it would play music even when closed. The problem is that I have absolutely no experience with Android. But I'm certain that for someone who's a programmer for android making app run as a service would be very easy. So please help me :worthy:
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    Dec 25, 2017
    crosswalk did not update.