Help, stuck while pattitioning windows 7 ?

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    I had 4 partitions while using windows 7 (in addition to 100 MB hidden)

    1 14 GB for Windows (too small , that's what started my problem)
    2 48 GB for page file (I don't how they set this to page file but it had this "Page file" in desc.)
    3 40 GB
    4 819 GB

    I tried to partition my pc while installing win7 again (first time not me) and I couldn't change anything (I thought it works like winXP)

    I went into repair tools and command prompt

    I deleted # 1 & 3 (see above) and ended up with:
    Disk 0 Online 931 GB 63 GB (free) Dyn (*) Gpt ( )
    I tried using the commands:

    select disk 0
    create partition primary

    but I got this as an answer:

    Microsoft Diskpart ver 6.1...
    Partition - Create partition
    Volume - Create volume
    Vdisk - Creates a virtual disk file.

    So my current volumes in Disk 0 are:

    Volume 0 H new volume NTFS Simple 819 GB Status (Healthy) Info ( )
    Volume 1 E new volume NTFS Simple 48 GB Status (Healthy) Info ( )
    Volume 2 F new volume NTFS Simple 100 MB Status (Healthy) Info ( )

    Could anybody help me get out of this miss ? I need to make the unused 65 GB as a partition and load win7 on it. I have no clue about dynamic or basic (they were all dynamic I guess)....

    what command should come next ? :eek:


    I deleted all partitions...

    When I go to windows installation, I see Disk 0 Unallocated space 931.5 GB and below is error in yellow:

    Windows cannot be installed to Disk 0 Partition 1 (see details)

    details: The partition contains one or more dynamic volumes that are not supported for installation ?

    How can I go now ?
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    Jun 16, 2008
    Try to clean your hard disk completely if you don't neet any data:
    Select disk 0
    And then start from fresh.
    Hope this help.
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    Aug 19, 2009
    Partitions needs to be contiguous (continuous) space. If you delete 1 and 3, you can only create partitions back into those clots of the same size or add more small partitions.

    Going by the labels, the 14gb drive shoudl be the pagefile drive. There is some merit to having a pagefile partition although this is a very topical subject.

    Your best bet would be to delete 1, 2, and 3, copying and data you need off the 48 gb to the 819gb partition.

    Then, delete all partitions, including the 100MB one, except for the 819GB. You then have continuous space at the beginning of the drive wher you can create a 112GB partition (40+48+14), although I'd create say, an 8gb for the pagefile, then the rest as the system partition.

    The best and safest method to partition, both deleting and creating, is the Windows 7 setup disk! (prefererably use SP1 install disk!).

    The partitioning section of that allows you to delete all the partitions besids the 819, and create the 8gb one (type in the size). Don't click next, create another partition thats fills up the rest of the free space then install windows on that (it automatically formats it). Using this method recreates the 100mb partition which you need, and its a gui so much harder to delete the wrong partition.

    Once windows is installed, you have to assign a letter to the 8gb partition. this can be done through diskpart or diskmgmt.msc

    After that, it needs formatting. Do this from the command prompt, and type:
    Format (the 8gb drive letter) /fs:exfat /a:4m

    This creates a 4MB allocation size which is very bad for small files, but since you only have the pagefile on there, one big file! its a good thing.

    Then, set the pagefile only on this drive, and set the min max size as a little short of the whole drive, and you're set! Don't copy anything to that drive.
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    Jun 14, 2009
    Yuk. Just keep a 60 to 100GB partition depending on your needs (or in your case where you cant adjust the size of the last partition, keep it at 112GB) and keep the page file on that partition only.

    Having a page file on another partition is only beneficial if it is on an actually different physical drive. Different partition on the same physical drive - don't bother.
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    Thanks armond

    Thanks burfadel for the detailed info and tips, the problem I had is that I had error when trying to use windows 7 disk (dynamic partition error) even after deleting everything ! 1,2,3,4,5 (hidden included) I still saw error in Windows 7 boot disk saying that I can't setup windows in this one big space.

    I will keep your notes as I have used an enterprise edition 32 bit I got from friend offline (not sure of its source) so maybe I will use another MD5 checked version (I don't think you can check MD5 on burnt CD for the image) 64 or 32 bit soon and need formatting again but would like to know about dynamic issue, I will try to read online now since I have windows now.

    Thanks for the notes mongen, will keep them.


    Sorry for the late reply all (I had other problems, missing Mobo Driver CD from seller so no net) I was too eager to try and wait for a reply (I don't know whats wrong with me lately) but my problem was zero commands knowledge and the dynamic partition error, searching online for similar error message gave me pages where people suggested Software to convert drive type so I felt I needed to know why I have this error not just what do I need to do or how to arrange my disk (it wasn't working anyway).

    I found many sites where people gave commands to make partition or so but none worked (at least 3 different commands) where these commands fixed problems for them.

    In the end I deleted all partitions as I said before after I moved all data to external drive, I tried to make partition on the new unallocated space with no success , what fixed the problem was using the command "convert" which converted my space into basic space and using windows disk I had the option to setup windows using "new" option from Windows 7 disk.(Not command prompt or Diskpart)

    Now I don't see the word dynamic using "computer management" on any partition and I don't know what does that mean and would appreciate if someone could tell me what was my problem and what I am loosing with this basic vs dynamic (Dynamic was page file partition and another partition but not windows)

    Here is a picture of my current Disk.


    God, formatting XP was piece of cake compared to this :biggrin: Thanks all for help...
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    Jun 17, 2011
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    Great Article acrsn , still reading, you can change a basic partition into dynamic without loosing data or restarting, cool ! I have to read more about the disadvantages or real use. thanks !

    (acrsn I was not able to quote you without removing your links, I needed to have 20 posts first, but it wasn't my links, maybe this is a bug ?)