Help/support : need to recover insyde bios on acer aspire 5755G

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    Jan 2, 2014
    Hello guys, first time poster long time observer. I've allways kept my bios up to date, only now for the first time i'm having a problem with it. Ii set the ram frequency in bios too high and now my laptop won't do anything else but to show me a black screen. Currently i have the P5WE0121_vBIOS_2158.rar (from, couldn't post link).

    and they were working great.
    the way i used to recover doesnt seem to work anymore :
    1- copy " P5WE0x64.fd" into your USB Pen
    2- turn off your computer
    3- unplug AC adapter and remove the battery for a few seconds
    4- insert USB Pen
    5- plug AC Adapter and battey
    6- turn on your PC and immediately press fn + esc
    7- Now wait PC finish
    8- restart
    i did this on a formatted to fat32 usb stick (using unetbootin)
    i've removed cmos batterij, shorted the jumpers and repeated still no luck, and i'm afraid from here on out i'm way outta my debt, i've been browsing sites for the last 2 days and gradually loosing my mind...
    I don't even know what my plan should be atm,
    question i have : do i need to use the driverfiles that are installed now or can i use other ?
    wich flash tool would i need?
    i'm pretty sure i need to create a bootable usb flash drive (wich i can do) but then i guess i need to create a program that finishes everything automatically after i hit fn+esc cause there is just no way for me to follow anything cause of dead screen. (wich i can't do, yet...)
    etc etc

    screenshot of installed drivers vs original acer drivers available, couldn't post.

    there is a method described in these forums wich seems interesting but it confused me cause in my original driver files form acer website are no .df files, so wich file should i put into andy's tool too gain that info ?

    After bricking my acer 7720g notebook, i found an easy bios recovery method for my notebook,
    Theese worked for my acer 7720g notebook
    i used flash drive but it can work with cd or dvd
    download the bios files from acer site, unpack them (right click extract with winrar)
    Rename the bios file xxxxxx.fd to ICL50.fd or ICL50HW.fd (do not touch the extension) PLEASE CONFIRM WHICH FILE IS CORRECT. THIS WILL HELP FOR OTHER USERS. Use andy's tool to obtain the right name for your recovery.
    Copy the file to usb fdd,or usb flash stick. DO NOT MAKE anything etc. ONLY COPY
    Remove battery, adapter (power cord) , mouse etc.
    Attach usb fdd, or usb flash stick
    Hold down <Fn> + <Esc>, Edit by Yen: At other Notebooks it's <windows> key + <B>
    Plug In the Ac Power adapter, wait about 3-5 secs
    Press the power button
    Now release the buttons.
    It took about 2-3 minutes and notebook powered down itself.......
    Then plug in the battery simply power it on.

    anyone need more info please tell/ask me.

    couldn't post links/screenhots yet.