Help with first time vBIOS mod and flash.

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    Total newbie here. This is my first time posting here. I am trying to mod the vBIOS of my Acer Aspire VN7-791G. I spent the last few days looking through different forums, reading countless threads and I managed to gather most of the information I need in order to mod the bios but i want to make sure I did everything right before proceeding to flash the bios. So here is what I did:

    I downloaded the original bios from Acer's website and extracted the .fs file. After that I unpacked it with phoenixtool and found 2 102kb .rom files which were 2 different versions of the vBIOS for the GTX860M video card. The 2 vbios' have different versions and Device ID. I found which one matches my current vBIOS but should i modify only the one that matches my current vBIOS and Device ID or both and should i keep both files when repacking the bios?
    Also when i click go in phoenixtool to repack the bios I get an error saying there is no SLIC file so I had to go into advanced options and check no SLICK in order to get it to repack the bios.

    I am also unsure how to increase the boost clock of the gpu because the boost clock field in Maxwell tweaker is greyed out but I am able to go to boost states tab and change the MAX GPC value for the P0 profile which if I am not mistaking is the boost clock of the core. And do i also have to go to the boost table tab and adjust the max table clock to match the boost clock entered in the boost states tab.

    And finally would there be a difference between a dump of my laptop's bios and the bios downloaded from Acer's website considering they are the same version.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.