help with HP mediasmart ex470

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    hello everyone, I just got a hold of a mediasmart ex470. it was $40 on ebay, the thing is it didn't come with any restore disks. and nothing is on the hard drives. is there a way of getting a hold of that elusive restore disk/iso many of the links have dried up in recient years. if anyone can toss me a life preserver that would be awesome.
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    I have the ex490 disks (version 3.0)
    16933841cd54aa135c64aaa5aa1e72f3685d0868 *SoftwareInstallation.iso 14.4 MB (15,134,720 bytes)
    768641915c1b9f94c81c295f830f9853671a1765 *PCrestoreDisk.iso 397 MB (416,661,504 bytes)
    a3ac90193c98cfeab22e1bf18603c602c774eb73 *ServerRecoverydisk.iso 4.29 GB (4,606,969,856 bytes)
    95670a01eb55fbfcc01a415e06c8d4edbfd6329c *WHSToolkit.msi
    b41e20ef7bd96e30c1c33653ff93c55c88f2a045 *
    Not much help to you directly, but if someone has the ex470/475 disks and wants these we can get them all to each other in no time. :D