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    I want to make a backup of my current bios with Insyde H2OFFT on Windows (gui not from a command line).
    but that has not been successful so far because I don't want to update my bios at the same time but just only simply want to make a backup and then exit the program.
    The program opened and then closed 3 seconds later when I made the filename option empty in platform.ini...
    So many option entries...

    Could someone please tell me how to set these things to get what I want.
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    Aug 18, 2016
    Hi namboo!

    You have to enable backup in h20fft software. You can do it by edit platform.ini file which is in the same folder.

    Open platform.ini file in notepad and find this:

    ; Supports on WIN flash.
    ;Flag (w)
    ; default : 0.
    ; 0 : No backup BIOS.
    ; 1 : Backup current BIOS and new BIOS binary.
    ;FilePath (w)
    ; default : empty.
    ; empty : Use current directory.
    ; String : Directory for backup BIOS.
    ;FileName (w)
    ; default : empty.
    ; empty : Use platform ID as file name.
    ; String : File name for backup BIOS.
    ; = Current BIOS image
    ; = Previous BIOS image
    ; = New BIOS image

    If you want the software make a backup for you just change flag option to 1 and set backup filename and filepath. That's it.
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    I know you said you wanted to use a GUI. I'm the same way. Of course their is a But here. I used fptw.exe The issue is that you have to use the correct version for your cpu family.

    You can can look here to figure out what family your cpu is and then download the correct firmware development software and grab the fptw.exe or if your 64bit then fptw64.exe


    it is a cmd prompt program but here is the command to dump the bios

    fptw.exe -d output.bin -BIOS
    or if your OS is 64bit
    fptw64.exe -d output.bin -BIOS

    I put the fptw.exe or fptw64.exe and the files it needs in a folder on my desktop. Opened the folder then held down the SHIFT key while left clicking the mouse.
    The context menu came up with an option to Open COMMAND WINDOW here.
    Then copy and pasted the command into the window and pressed enter.

    fptw.exe -f output.bin -BIOS IT WILL FLASH THE BIOS