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    Feb 23, 2011

    i have an unusual request i have modded my bios and revert back to original(i.e. when i start my pc it showed dual bios and other options such as press f10 or any other no to boot in safemode or use xpress recovery ,etc.)

    my motherboard

    my motherboard bios

    the file from which i modded :- View attachment GBT_V2.1_Cert.zip

    other bios information :- bios2.jpg bios.jpg

    i also tried to revert back using View attachment GIGABYTE-GBT-2.1.rar but it failed .i am not able to get that particular screen which i used to have at system startup.(i have modded my bios first time).is there any thing such as system restore for it??? i would like to inform you that i have a back up of bios created from a software called @bios(you can see in attachment above).will it be of any use???