[Hint:] How to avoid any issues after SCEP installattion on W8-1-x

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    Hello guys,

    SCEP v4-4-0304-0 installation program has a glitch, when it is runned on W8-1-x system.
    It can damage manifest of model CBS (Component-Based Servicing) and cause non recoverable error 0x80070490 when updating definitions.


    The issue was (probably) fixed in v4-5-0216-0, but we don't have ANY full installer there. We have only incremental update for MSSE v4-4-0304-0, which can (fortunatelly) update SCEP too.

    Here is the procedure to install it safely:

    1. On VLK (KMS) machines DO the activation first, then you HAVE TO do the reboot.

    2. Then run SCEP v4-4-0304-0 and install it. (If the installer window is displayed in ENGLISH instead of your language [on OS with correctly applied language pack], then quit installation and do another reboot [another issue of SCEP installer]. If you will continue with installation in such case, you will have ENG SCEP forever.)

    3. During the installation uncheck "control for viruses after the update" but check "Enable Windows FW, if there is no other".
    After closing the installation program, SCEP will open and will do the 1st update, which has to complete, so DON'T interrupt it.

    4. After that, DON'T hit update button in SCEP (to cause another check), close SCEP window a run MSSE v4-5-0216-0 incremental update. After it finishes, close any open windows and do reboot.

    5. After the reboot, DON'T hit update button in SCEP, but run "wuapp" Windows Update and search for new updates. AFTER it is done open SCEP and HIT update button within the SCEP (This checking should be very quick, because SCEP already updated definitions after its install). If this last checking will proceed correctly (and it will, if you have followed the procedure), then you will NEVER have any other issues with SCEP.