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    Jul 16, 2010
    My hobby is programming. I have one application " The Universal Ink Monitor"
    This can be googled as this is my first post
    Basicly it monitors ink usage on thoose printers that do not have one. Mainly for those who refill.
    I am working on a Windows utility called Control_IT I do have an example But as it carries sensitive info I am redesigning it to use the Truecrypt encoding system.
    So what is on the site at present is going to be re done and I recommend other that trying the free trial version it is best to wait. This one I am working on will knock your socks off. I am looking for 5 beta testers to fine tune the system. First in.
    I create a utility for myself and if I find it useful I offer two versions one with basic features and one with all the bells and whistles. I am retired and the full versions help pay my hosting and internet charges.
    I will never make heaps but it allows me to subsidize my costs.

    If you want to be a beta tester email me via my site. I cannot supply links as this is my first post.

    This latest utility is the one I am most proud of and use it constantly. Sofare only family and friends are using it and I would much prefer a stranger to critique it. Beta copies will first time out to save inferior software giving me a bad name even though I have had no problems with any Windows operating system.
    All Beta testers will receive the fully featured latest released version.

    I promise it is not a chore as it makes Windows use much easier.

    Simple scenario I plug my Usb drive(Yes it is designed for these) and get the permision window. I click ok and am asked for my password. On correct entry the Truecrypt Volume mounts as a drive and a hotkey detection program loads.
    I press alt z and the program activates.
    If I wish to log in here now I press m for "My Digital Life" and I get the forum loaded and I am presented with my log in info to paste in with a couple of clicks.
    The utility also will do away with favourites, shortcuts, stores memos and Email addresses. All accessable without going to the desktop or start- programs.
    My program does not have to be active as the hot key brings it up. Hot keys will remove the detection program and it all resides on a USB key. that when removed or the computer powered down is totally secure. I use it for online banking, Ebay,Paypal and all forums. I even used Tinyspell (A Great Utility, Not mine) to check my post ca;lled from the application option.
    I will say no more I will let it speak for itself.

    Terry Author of InkMon
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    Jul 16, 2010
    Ahh! 3 years on and what a hobby. Like many interests word gets around. I have 6 apps now and all getting well accepted. I moved into server side scripting and now am working on both client ans server side programs handshaking. There is also quite a demand for back end scripts to handle data received in forms. It is supposed to be a hobby.
    Off Topic
    My dad's hobby was Canaries when he retired and as he was keen, become quite the expert, soon he was in demand for his knowledge and when it became too much like work he sold all his birds and took up caravaning, I maybe following in his footsteps
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    Dec 2, 2011
    my hobby is fishing for giant catfish..i have a 17 foot bass boat..sometimes i fish,sometimes i just ride my friends around the river drinkin beer...lol
    i am also a big fan of Daz..that guy freakin rock's,so cool,you go kid