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    I know this does not pertain to everyone but to those that it does it may help. My router started going bad so I ordered another one, during this time I was having a problem with the picture on my HDTV. Xfinity who I get my cable through came out and the repairman man noticed I had several computers and asked me if I had them networked through my modem, I had no idea what he was talking about, I told him no, I had them networked through a router, he asked me why. To make a very long story short, Xfinity's or Comcast's new cable modem X1 can by itself, hook up 4 computers (Networked if you wish) and as I have done it has wireless 2.4 which works well with Amazon's Fire stick.
    And yes I returned wireless router for refund when I found out what Xfinity's new X1 Modem would do.:worthy:

    All works fine on Windows 10. Basic Home Networking, no bells and whistles.
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