Hot to convert Intel .BIO files to flash with external USB programmer? (Intel DH61DL)

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    My mainboard Intel DH61DL was bricked as i did BIOS update from BE0048 to BE0099.
    Intel Windows Tool has flashed in Windows 7 64, all was ok, but mainboard does not boot anymore.
    I got now 3x beep ( = RAM Error) in endless loop.

    I already have desoldered the chip (Winbond W25Q32BVSIG, 4MB) and read it.
    I do have an external USB programer: CH341A, which costs 3 USD at Ebay.
    So i can program my BIOS-CHIP.

    But Intel BIOS-files are 5MB till 13MB, bigger then BIOS-chip which is only 4MB.

    How to convert or extract Intel .BIO files, so i can flash it with external usb programmer?
    Or maybe somebody can read out his BIOS and give me the 4MB file, so i can flash it?

    Link to BE0099.BIO BIOS file:

    Link to all Intel DH61DL mainboard files:

    here i found a discussion how to repair Intel motherboard with defective BIOS
    You have to translate with google translator, as web site is in russian.
    They discuss how to make a flashable file from .bio file or how to use BIOS Configuration Mode and a second PC to flash BIOS. But i do not exactly understand how to make this...

    I can open the Intel .bio files with tool UEFI BIOS UPDATER v1.42 (see link below to download), this tool includes MMTool.exe and UEFItool.exe which both can open the Intel .bio files, but how i make a 4mb file with this tools?:
    -> ht*p://
    -> ht*p://w*
    -> ht*p://
    -> ht*p://

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    if you can get the boot block flashed.. do recovery method after ??

    seems plutomaniac posted a file DH61DL_read_fixed.rar for you to try
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    Download BEH6110H.86A.0099.BI.ZIP file and extract - you will get the Binary BIOS file there.

    BE0099.BIO file is normally used on CD for self BIOS recovery execution using bios recovery mode.;)