How come Server 2012 and R2 still allow OEM SLIC activation where as 8 and above dont

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by Wolverine2349, Feb 21, 2016.

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    How come the desktop versions of Windows 8, 8.1 and then 10 do not allow SLIC OEM offline activation anymore, but they still allow it for server versions of Windows.

    I that case if someone wanted to move to Windows 8.1, but does not want to use KMS or buy a legit license or otherwise have to contact MS Server someway for activation, could you install Windows Server 2012 R2 and effectively tweak it to be like Windows 8.1 Pro? Or is that had and almost impossible without changing the license which would render the OEM SLIC inoperable and thus a loader would not work if you use workstation apps like games instead of server apps?

    Maybe it could also work for Server 2016 once it goes final if MS still allows OEM SLIC activation and a loader could work and maybe convert it to Windows 10 for fully permanent offline activation without it ever contacting MS Server online?
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    It works because MS didn't change the Slic activation with 2012 R2 like they did 8. No cannot switch 8.1 to use 2012R2 and I highly doubt MS will use Slic for 2016. They are VERY aware of Daz loader, so it was very surprising they even used a Slic activation for 2012/R2.

    I would have to think 2012 is the last time we see an OS using Slic.
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    The question is how come Microsoft still used slic for the server parts but changed it for 8 and 8.1. Are they more worried about desktop os unlicensed copying than server OS unlicensed copying?

    And I know you cannot use the loader on 8.1 but could you convert server 2012 r2 to be desktop o's so it is like 8.1As the kernel and base OS are the same aren't they.
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    The reason is the activation engine is broken for a Desktop or server environment. There are too many hardware, kernel level drivers, and storage changes that change the hardware hash, tripping a reactivation request.

    The MS SPP is tied to the base activator. This allows things like unplugging and re-plugging in SAN storage devices without the SPP making you reactivate everything. You can also update drivers or migrate from one VM host to another. But some sub components of 2012(?) and 2012 R2 require the use of the MSDM and if you install it in a "unauthorized" configuration the OS log will report that the DPK key is invalid and / or missing from the BIOS. For the most part "testers" or copyright infringer will not use those features. When a feature of the DPK / MSDM is used and activated it is tied back to the root SLIC activator so it does not break as easily.

    You have to remember MS only has about 33% of the small server share, even less in mainframe or SC, and anything that causes downtime (like windows activation) or prevents a return to up time after a failure (like having to do phone call activation) pushes administrators away, the only benefit of MS servers is MS OS client support and feeling that it is stable (even though statics show UNIX it's the most stable). When a admins job is on the line and something like activation causes an issue, THEY WILL FIND A ALTERNATIVE.

    Also in many cases servers do not have internet connectivity. Requiring a server to go online very well can cost more market share.

    I fully expect MS to continue to use the hybrid MSDM / SLIC with 2016 (and/or later) but tie more and more components the the DPK in the MSDM. In 2012 it was only a warning, in 2012R2 a warning and advanced terminal services (that I know of). In 2016 they'll probably tie the AD console and WDS/SCCM to the DPK as well.

    On that note I expect the new HP 2012R2 ROK to lose HP even more server market share. I can not wait to see in the news a large corporation suing moronic Meg due to the new (no SLIC) ROK causing down time.