How do I backup my licence on HP Stream 7?

Discussion in 'Windows 8' started by Ganoo, Apr 20, 2015.

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    I want to get rid of this UEFI/HP/Recovery partition garbage. This thing only has a Micro USB port so I need to use an OTG cable I assume. From there I think I need to disable UEFI and enable legacy so I can boot into the ISO then delete the partitions, unless theres a way to do a clean install on UEFI. Pretty sure the OS is Windows 8.1 with Bing but IDK where to download that iso :g:. I could DO a VL KMS install but then I would not be able to get my free Windows 10 when its released. Then again, how exactly will I activate my free copy of Windows 10 if I try do a clean install? :g:

    FU MS for making us go through all these damn steps just to re-install our OS :mad:.

    For Win 7 you just dled a home premium/pro/ultimate ISO, installed it, used the key on your laptop/desktop, and that was it!
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    There is NO legacy setting on the Stream 7 (nor any other Tablet I've seen) although you can switch 'Secure Boot' On or Off.
    Yes, you'll need an OTG cable. But you'll also need a USB Hub (ideally powered), a Keyboard and Mouse (as the touch screen won't work), as well as the DVD/USB drive your using to install the OS.

    You've already found one of the problems your going to have i.e. getting hold of a 'Windows 8 with Bing' ISO/DVD.
    The other is that the OS on the Stream 7 is compressed with 'WimBoot' if you do a normal install it will take up a lot more room. Even when you delete the 5GB+ recovery partitions, you won't gain any extra room.