how i can make AIO DVD for office 2016 VL Pro Plus, Visio, and Project?

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    Hi all:
    I want to make AIO DVD (X86 & X64) for office 2016, by Jioning the following DVD,s:-
    (1). office 2016 Pro Plus VL:
    SW_DVD5_Office_Professional_Plus_2016_W32_English_MLF_X20-41353.ISO - 820 MB
    SW_DVD5_Office_Professional_Plus_2016_64Bit_English_MLF_X20-42432.ISO - 950 MB
    (2). Project 2016 Pro VL:
    SW_DVD5_Project_Pro_2016_W32_English_MLF_X20-41516.ISO - 409 MB
    SW_DVD5_Project_Pro_2016_64Bit_English_MLF_X20-42683.ISO - 496 MB
    (3). Visio 2016 Pro VL:
    SW_DVD5_Visio_Pro_2016_W32_English_MLF_X20-41585.ISO - 497 MB
    SW_DVD5_Visio_Pro_2016_64Bit_English_MLF_X20-42764.ISO - 597 MB
    (4). office 2016 Proofing Tools Kit (x86 & x64):
    SW_DVD5_Proofing_Tools_2016_W32_MultiLang_ComplKit_MLF_X20-42860.ISO - 682 MB
    SW_DVD5_Proofing_Tools_2016_64Bit_MultiLang_ComplKit_MLF_X20-42861.ISO - 719 MB
    (5). Integrate both arabic & french languages.

    (6). Integrate the latest updates

    (5). Make it preactivated.

    Many thanks for help, I want a guide for how i do this?
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    Now. Updates, as I told you in the other thread, cannot be integrated. You can include them in the Updates folder in root of ISO. I've never done an office aio (32/64), so it does sound problematic to put updates for both 32 and 64 in the same folder. although its very possible that the office installer will detect which arch was installed, and only install the compatible msp's. no way to pre activate afaik, but use kms_vl_all, and its just one more click. in regards to language integration, see above google link. the wiz has an app that did it, and iirc mtk also can do it. see and