How is correct order / procedure to apply modded bios and certificate to PC

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    Feb 17, 2012
    I searched to find a related sticky thread about my question above but I couldn't , most probably there are some usefull information in post messages but they are difficult to find.

    First of all, I thank to guys giving reply to my MEDION bios mod request on page 2139 phoenix mod reuests. I downloaded the file. It includes flash file and some 2 others under the modified bios folder.

    There are other files under another folder with names ;

    I searched the site and found some information under " mode your own bios" thread as below;

    The XRM-MS file is a certificate. But you must have modded bios or bios with slic 2.1 tables from ASUS. Then you can add it to your computer with this command:
    slmgr.vbs -ilc x:\ASUS.XRM-MS
    (put the right destination for example C:\BIOS\ASUS.XRM-MS)

    Also you have to add a SLP product key with this command:


    So in conclusion , for the safest sake , what is correct order of this job , pls confirm and edit below as necessary. To my understanding , it is as below.

    - Install the Win7 to your PC ( in my case Win 7 ultimate RTM )
    - Apply the modded bios as instructed in modded bios file from mydigitallife site , then you may check its SLIC with slic
    - Then run the certificate file ( MEDION-MEDION-2.1.XRM-MS ) in my case with admin rigths
    slmgr.vbs -ilc X:MEDION-MEDION-2.1.XRM-MS ( X is path of certicate file)

    - Then also apply the license key with command line

    What should be the XXXX-XXX.... here , should it be somewhat in coincidence wit above XMS-MS certificate or could be any other brand's key which could be found on net , or should it be a Medion allocated Win 7 ultimate key?