How Much of Longhorn / Vista is in Windows 11?

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    Dec 8, 2018
    Sort of. Obviously it doesn't work "as is" like w7+ does, but the final result is the same

    Very short version:

    install grub4dos and add it to the W10 bootloader (use bootice to do that easily)

    edit your menu.lst with a proper XP on VHD entry (look on forum for the details

    Reboot, choose grb4dos from windows bootloader, then choose XP on VHD from the grub4dos menu.

    Probably there are a dozen of ways, I mention a few of them...

    1. Intall XP on Virtualbox using the natively supported VHD format, install the SVBus driver, sysprep, shutdown (copy the vhd on its final destination)
    2. Same as above using Hyper-V
    3. Install XP on VMware using the vhd as physical disk
    4. Install XP on VMware using its native vmdk format then convert it to VHD
    5. Install XP on a partition of the machine intended to boot the VHD, then clone that partition on the VHD using acronis/paragon/easus/ whatever partition or cloning SW (in that case sysprep is not neded)
    6. Same as above but capture the partition using dism / imagex / wimlib /gimagex, then apply the captured WIM to your VHD

    Remember to use a fixed size VHD (not VHDX) and that the VHD file must be not fragmented (use wcontig to defragment a single file)

    The above is applicable to XP, Vista, Server2003/8, and also the W7 skus that doesn't support the native VHD boot.

    It would work also for w8/10/11 but there is little point on doing so.