How to completely wipe out phone drivers?

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    Hi! I wanted to know how can I completely remove all traces of a driver, I google it and tried a lot of things but nothing worked. Here's my problem:

    I had the drivers of my Nokia 5530 installed in my Windows 7 Pro x64, and they worked fine. One week ago I was copying some files to the phone and then the copy process stopped and Windows said that the device could not be recognized, every time I try to reconect the phone Windows says that the device could not be recognized.. I connected my phone to other PCs and had no problems, so it's not the phone.
    I think that if I can completely remove all traces of the driver I can reinstallit again, but had no luck removing the driver completely, as it leaves some stuff in the registry that I can't delete.

    I also have to mention that I've uninstalled ovi suite and it's driver components several times, re-installed them again and no luck.

    Thanks in advance for any help :)