How to "copy" my notebook hardware configuration on my pc?

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    first sorry for my bad english.. ;-)

    i guess i read since 2 days now about topics like serials, activation of vista, certification files and so on, and its very complicated to understand the tons of input...

    the case is like this: i own a laptop from hp, its a pavillion dv-6500 with preinstalled oem vista home premium 32bit. i had no dvd with it, only a recovery partition, but i ordered a wau dvd from ebay, which i will get in the next days.

    first i will reinstall the visat on the laptop proper, without the whole crap, that was on it, when delivered...

    the other thing is, that i want to install the vista home premium on my home pc to, with the vista oem key...

    i already used abr and i got the hidden serial and the certificate of activation, all works fine. but is it right, that all that isnt enough, to install the vista on my pc too? it will not work, only with the serial and act. certificate, cause my pc has different hardware, is this right?

    but how can i get this work?, what i have to do, to get the vista on my pc too, and to get a regular working vista on both machines, laptop and pc? do i have to work with a kind of bios modification on my pc than? and what does this mean, would it have any negative change or affect to my pc(bios) too?


    if a question like mine isnt allowed here, i apologize, but im not sure in knowledge of all this stuff!
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