how to customize lay out for adobe photoshop

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    I read this as and please forgive me if I have read it wrong.

    You want to print off a certain size pic on an A4 size paper. Is this what you want ?

    Open up a new doc and select the pre-set A4 size.

    Open your desired pic.

    Copy the pic into the A4 doc.

    Make this a smart object. This would allow to to transform the pic without harming any pixels.

    One way to resize the pic is to edit the "image size" directly

    Another way would be to make a new layer, select the rectangle selection tool and set it to your chosen size then fill it with, black for an example.
    Then select your pic layer and TRANSFORM it to the size of this newly made black square.
    Seeing its a smart object you can transform it up and down to your hearts desire.

    Then when your happy simply throw away the black square layer or switch it off and print off your pic.

    I am definatly no PS guru but thats probably the way I would go.

    Hope this helps
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    Apr 6, 2013
    I resolved. The instruction on the link has all the things except, to create copies of the images and placing the same on the lay out of your choice. This is an important instruction. The action automatically creates the required text file in the layout folder, when you copy or duplicate the picture and then placing on the layout , by checking snap to. The layout is now full of grid line for the selected page size and after saving the same. The new layout is added to the preset sizes. This i have learnt by trial and errors, and now it works smoothly. Thank you very much. This is the easiest way to have my required size photos in multiples on the same page.
    When i selected layer, it creates a different frame and it confused me. The above procedure is easy. Thank you very much