How to dual boot Linux Mint and Windows 8

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    Possible requirements:
    - Secure boot disabled (it's not useful anyway, and if Windows 8 works, it works, I am happy, I ain't dying over a slow boot time)

    If you read this you might want to dual boot Windows 8 and Linux Mint.

    I first installed Windows:

    Partition #1: BOOT 350MB (automatically generated when creating windows 8 partition)
    Partition #2: Windows 8 600GB

    Next I installed Linux Mint using gparted to make partitions

    Partition #1: BOOT (Windows 8 Loader)
    Partition #2: Windows 8
    Partition #3: 500MB /boot ext4 (MUST BE A PRIMARY PARTITION!!!)
    Partition #4: 300GB Extended partition
    --Partition #5: 2GB SWAP
    --Partiton #6: 298GB / ext4

    Now install using these settings.

    Now load up Windows 8 again, install EasyBCD and add Grub 2 using automatically detect. (ADD ENTRY)
    Now hit save settings.

    Also remove all unnecessary drives when using EasyBCD, you don't want it to write to the wrong drive.

    And Rewrite Windows Vista/7 loader to the MBR

    Now reboot.

    Now you should have Windows 8 and Linux Mint installed next to eachother. When reinstalling Windows 8, do not remove the 350MB partition. I suggest you keep it.

    I hope my guide helped a little.
  2. HumansCan'tBeTrusted

    Aug 7, 2012
    Maybe you can help me? installed Windows 8 week ago and installed mint 13 yesterday. No Windows 8 entry on grub and grub-update doesn't detect it. I'm completely lost.
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    I do not prefer and will never use Dual (or more) Boot from the the same HDD!

    I use several OS's on my computer, each OS has it's own HDD and I use the BIOS Boot Manager for to chose which HDD (and therefore: which OS) to start. The few times I had use dual Boot with even different Boot Manager/Loaders, they were finally all end ab in chaos! Thanks, since those time: NEVER again!
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    yep that is the easiest for me as well. I have a few external drives that are dedicated to other OS's. Start the machine, click F9 (or whatever yours might be) select the drive and weeeeeeeeeee (that reminds me of a squirrel for some reason? let me try again.. weeeeeeeeeeeee... yes it does.)
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    repair windows 8 boot (or write win7 MBR in easybcd).. then use easybcd2.2 to add linux grub 2 .. auto

    i have xp, 7, mint 13 in 1 hdd and os x on other hdd for past 3 years no problems.. i used to use the silly bios boot menu for first week until i found proper way.